Tide Pools on Rialto Beach

Someone once asked me if I had the choice of living on a lake, river, or ocean which would I pick. While ocean seems like the exotic, all time winner, I picked lake and still would today. I love the stillness and silence of a lake and how it allows you to open your senses in order to experience every jump of a fish, lap of a wave, or skim of an insect. I love how no two are ever the same and each holds a different world of living things to enjoy.

I think these are the same reasons that I am drawn to tide pools. They are not overwhelming and loud. They are still, full of life, and no two are ever the same. I only just started observing tide pools and am absolutely captivated by them each time we find some.

Rialto Beach Tidepooling

We heard about Rialto Beach from our friend Aaron who had been here years before and Ben and I decided to check it out. We set our alarm for 6:30 the next morning so we could see the pools during low tide. Setting our alarm was something neither one of us was very excited about since we have not woken up to an alarm since we climbed in the Needles (I know, I know, waa, waa, right?) but the morning was not as painful as we were anticipating.

Rialto Beach Tidepooling

The area we hiked to had a huge rock shelf that held so many pools there was no possible way to see them all and we made it there in time to have them all to ourselves for awhile. We spent most of the morning walking to different pools and observing the different organisms in each one. We were even lucky enough to see some small fish in a couple this time which is something we have never seen before.

Rialto Beach Tidepooling

If you ever have a chance to checkout a tide pool you definitely should. They offer you the opportunity to experience the beauty of ocean life in a very intimate, personal way.

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