Camping for FREE in Big Sur!

After spending way too much money, way too many days in a row for camping along the coast in Big Sur we finally found National Forest Service camping near Highway 1.

Big Sur

We had to drive a several miles up Nacimiento Rd towards a military area to find Forest Service Roads, but once we made it back we had free camping all to ourselves. It was a nice change for our wallets as well as our sanity. While it is fun being around other people in campgrounds it gets annoying when everyone around you constantly has their generators running and you can hardly hear the beautiful sounds around you.

Big Sur

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  1. Ross says:

    my girlfriend and i sold all our stuff and we are going to live in my 68 bus, we live in south lake tahoe now, but we are taking a huge road trip, and well we dont plan on paying to camp so this helped a bunch! any other free camping spots from one vw owner to the next would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks! bon voyage!

  2. ben says:

    Sold all your stuff to live out of your VW Bus? Well that sounds familiar! 😉

    Where do you plan on heading? I’m guessing you’ll be headed up the coast if you’re planning on hitting Big Sur. Find all of the casinos up the CA coast and call them and stay at any that have “overnight rv parking”. When you get to Oregon, you can start staying in National Forest as well. There will definitely be some stretches where there’s no free camping on the CA coast… if you can plan ahead use to find places there.

    Good luck on your trip! If you need any advice, shoot us an email or something!

  3. Ken Welcome says:

    Hello all. I stumbles across this lovely site, all haggard and unexpecting, in an effort to find a bit of friendly advise on free cmaping in the Big Sur region. My favorite author (Henry Miller) spent the sunset of his existence in the area and during the few weeks I have to spend I’d like to explore the region. Perhaps there is a bit of his and Marta Lepska’s unsavoryness still about. I don’t have much money, or skills, or resources. I’m not extraordinarily handsome and graceful, but a pacifist and a gentlemen. Anyhow, if anyone knows of any places near about, or on the route between LA and Big Sur, I’d greatly appreciate the info. Thanks in advance.

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